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Our mission is to to equip Parkway students to enjoy the benefits of life-long sexual integrity.

Parkway has New Health & Sexuality Education Curriculum.

What are the Options?

Did you know Missouri law says parents and guardians have the right to remove their child from an entire course, unit or specific lesson plan taught by their school?  If you have concerns about Parkway’s new health and sexuality education curriculum, you have options.   It is your right to opt your child out of sex education lessons, units or health class altogether.

In Parkway, the opt-out process goes something like this….

  • Parent communicates with the teacher on what day they prefer their child to opt-out.
  • The student then receives a permission slip from their teacher at the beginning of class to be excused to go sit in the library for the entire period.

This may work just fine for your you and your child.  However, some children may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed leaving the class in front of their peers, or may struggle with unstructured and unsupervised time in the library.  Fortunately, there are other options.  One example is middle school health.  Are you aware that you can opt your child out of middle school health entirely?  It is not required.  If you choose to opt your high school student out, they can still meet the health graduation requirement and not take health through the school.

Click here, for frequently asked questions as well as a list of options and sample opt out letters for the upcoming school year – from online courses and independent study by an outside health educator to general instruction on how to notify your school about your decision.   Even if your child’s schedule has been decided, it is not too late to make a change.  But it’s time to take action now.

So, why are parents considering other options?  On March 9, 2016, Parkway school board approved a new sexuality education curriculum as part of the overall health curriculum.  Based on feedback from the community, the information taught in this curriculum does not align with the values of many families in Parkway.  Our children’s views about sexuality impact their lives and their future.  It’s important.  ALL Parkway families have rights and options, so please take a look and learn more.

To stay informed and receive continued updates, please visit our website often and consider joining us. Your voice and partnership is needed! For more information, or to get involved contact us: info@protectparkwaystudents.org

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