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Bathroom & Locker Room

Parents have received information from Parkway Principals and Counselors that although there is no formal written policy, there is a “practice at all Parkway schools” that students are allowed to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity.

Are you aware of the bathroom, locker room and shower policy at your school? We would love to hear from you.

What Have Area Superintendents Been Told By Congresswoman Ann Wagner’s Office?

In a July 11, 2016 letter to 2nd Congressional District Superintendents, Congresswoman Ann Wagner urges schools to continue to respect students’ rights to safety, privacy and modesty despite President Obama’s guidance to schools. Her complete letter to school administrators may be found here.

What Guidance Does the Medical Community Provide to Schools?

On May 13, 2016, the US Departments of Education and Justice issued a joint directive (“Guidance to School Districts: Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment for Transgender Students”) to allow access to sex-assigned restrooms, locker rooms and sports teams in accordance with a student’s gender identity. As a result, national medical organizations representing over 20,000 physicians and health professionals issued their response expressing grave concern citing the threat to health, privacy, safety and the learning experience of all students.

  • American College of Pediatricians
  • American Association of Physicians & Surgeons
  • Christian Medical & Dental Association
  • Catholic Medical Association

Read their response backed by science and medicine.


What Do Students Have to Say About Bath Room & Lockerroom Practices at School?

Find out what students in the Pine-Richland School District (Pennsylvania) had to say recently about their District’s private facilities’ practices.




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