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Parent Rights

What Are My Parental Rights & Opt Out Options?

In accordance with, Missouri Statute 170.015, a school district or charter school shall notify the parent or legal guardian of each student enrolled in the district or school of:

Parent Right to Opt Out

  • Parents have the right to remove their child from any part of the District’s or school’s human sexuality instruction. This is referred to as an “opt-out” policy. Click here for opt out options or sample letters.

Parent Right to Notification

  • The District must notify parents about the basic content of the sexuality instruction that will be provided to the student.

Parent Right to Material Review

  • Materials used in human sexuality instruction must be made available for public review prior to it being used during instruction.



CSE is working its way into schools across North America. The following video clearly speaks to some concerns similar to those in Parkway’s new curriculum.



 Parent Rights Resources:

“CSE Violates Parental Rights” from CSEfacts.org http://www.comprehensivesexualityeducation.org/parental-rights/

Power2parent.com (Nevada)

Parentsrightsined.net (Oregon)

Hawaiiparentcoalition (Hawaii)

“Who’s Teaching Sex Ed in Your Child’s Classroom?” By Donna Garner (2013) http://ve.fifthking.com/who-is-teaching-sex-ed-in-your-childs-classroom/

“Sex Ed Publisher ETR an Offshoot of Planned Parenthood Biz” By Rita Diller of  Lifenews.com (February 4, 2013) http://www.lifenews.com/2013/02/04/sex-ed-publisher-etr-an-offshoot-of-planned-parenthood-abortion-biz/


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