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Parkway Policies & Guidelines

Parkway School District’s Policies & Guidelines may be found on the District’s website. Even though a policy title may be listed on the index, it doesn’t necessarily mean the Parkway has a policy under that title.

Relations with Home Schools (IHBG.BP and IHBG)

  • Parents & guardians have the right to provide a home education as an alternative to public school education.

Instructional Materials (IJ.G)

  • Discusses the selection and approval of how textbooks, library materials, special interest instructional materials, etc are adopted for the district.
  • Provides guidelines on how materials are adopted at the building and department level.

Administrative Guidelines Diploma Requirements (IKF.G)

  • Establishes students earn 24 credits in order to graduate.
  • Establishes procedures for enrolling and reviewing credit for a student who has been homeschooled (Section 6).
  • Identifies those on the Academic Review Committee who can determine which graduation requirements the home schooling experience has satisfied.
  • Course work required for graduation and mastered through home schooling will be recorded on the transcript and followed by the designation “HS” for home school. Because…the mastery of some graduation requirements through home schooling for which no credit is given, this program of studies could require less that 24 units of credit.
  • Establishes modified curriculum credit for students with an IEP.

Controversial Issues-Guidelines (IMB)

  • Establishes rights and responsibilities for how for teachers and other staff members handle controversial issues.
  • Expressions of personal viewpoints must not be slanderous, libelous, excessive, or intended to indoctrinate, proselytize, or incite participation in unsafe situations.
  • Establishes how teachers and other staff members are to address concerns about issues discussed or studied.

Opt Out Procedure for Alternative Instruction (IMBC)

  • Parkway does not have a policy.

Exemptions from Required Instruction (IMBB)

  • Parkway does not have a policy.

Independent Study (III)

  • Parkway does not have a policy.

Health Education (IHAM)

  • Parkway does not have a policy.


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