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What Questions Did Families Ask Parkway?

  • Why did Parkway want to change the curriculum substantially if only 9% of parents were dissatisfied (according to the January 2014 parent survey)?
  • Why has the school board’s vote to accept or reject this curriculum been delayed twice?
  • Why is Parkway adopting elements of Comprehensive Sexuality Education into our curriculum when the majority of parents didn’t want it (according to the January 2014 parent survey)?
  • Why did we use activist organizations for curriculum content – like SIECUS, Advocates for Youth, and GLSEN? Aren’t they biased to their agendas rather than truly being concerned about the health of our students?
  • Why are 7th graders being introduced to anal sex? Won’t many parents in our community be offended by this?
  • I see that Parkway is “recommending resources for sexual health” for grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10, (including “reputable” websites). I’ve seen sexetc.org, teensource.org, safeteens.org on sample lesson plans. I’ve visited those sexually explicit sites. Are you sending our children to those websites for sexual health information?
  • How will these teaching affect the large amount of students in our community with autism, special needs, at risk, and others with disabilities?
  • If there are concerns from many parents about this proposed curriculum, why have I heard that certain teachers are already teaching it when the vote is yet to happen on March 9th?
  • Why are sophomores in health class thoroughly learning such detailed instruction about “how to use” all different forms of contraception, as well as emergency contraception, which induces abortion (aka “abortifacient”)?

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