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Our Mission, Values & Beliefs

This website is created and funded by Parkway parents and community members that represent all 4 areas/zones of the district. The information has been carefully documented through hours of research by Parkway parents in an effort to provide more information about these topics so parents can make informed decisions for their children.

Our Mission

To equip Parkway students to enjoy the benefits of life-long sexual integrity.

Our Core Values

  1. TRUTH: We embrace and communicate that which is in accord with reality or fact as revealed in rational, scientific, and faith sources.
  2. RESPECT: We honor all people according to their intrinsic dignity by being winsome, humble, and contextual.
  3. HOLISM: We offer solutions that address the complex nature of human beings and their development, families, cultures, and communities.

Our Beliefs for Success

  1. We believe in respect and acceptance for all children regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexuality, culture and abilities.
  2. We believe sex education curriculum should be medically factual, emphasize abstinence and cover all risks of sexual activity.
  3. We believe sex education curriculum content should be drawn from medical organizations; not social advocacy groups.
  4. We believe Parkway School District should teach only what is approved written curriculum.
  5. We believe all sex education curriculum, lessons, videos, materials and resources should be made available to all parents online. Sexual content should be disclosed to parents online at the beginning of the year with enough advanced notice to allow parents to make informed decisions regarding their child’s participation in the curriculum.
  6. We believe the Parkway School District and community must have a guarded approach to topics related to Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

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